What I Do

Here are a few ways I have been using my skillset to support SMEs & large multinationals, policymakers & international organisations understand each other across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Specialising in international relations, business & trade, engineering & technology and culture & education I work across Germany, Europe, North America and Greater China.


Business and board meetings, academic seminars, gala events or international conferences: I bridge the language gap for you, so you can focus on the matter at hand. I offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in all my language pairs – working on-site, from an interpreting hub or in RSI from a professional studio. My interpretations are precise and accurate, but they also sound pleasant so that it will feel as though you are listening to the original speaker – just in another language.


I chiefly translate from German and Chinese into English. What I love translating the most are challenging legal text such as contracts, and text that require creativity: marketing materials, movie & TV show scripts & subtitles, pitches. Either way, the benchmark I set for all my translations is that they are not merely honest representations of the source text, they also should ‘flow’ and read as if they were the original. I work into British English and ‘International English’ accessible to a wider readership.

Facilitating & Hosting

I have hosted podcasts, talks and debates – online and on-site, monolingually or in more than one language. Maybe you’ve been working with a partner in China for a while, have mostly been communicating in English and want to keep it that way – but sometimes you find that you miss out on certain details, or cannot quite pick up all cultural cues. That, too, is when I come in, preventing miscommunication right from the start.


You have got a decisive meeting coming up with your partners, and are looking for someone to sit in and be your eyes and ears when they think you don’t understand. Or you need someone in the room who catches those tiny cultural cues people not as familiar with the cultures involved might not see: I am happy to join you for a briefing ahead of the meeting, your meeting itself and then debrief afterwards.

Not what you’re looking for?

Throughout the years, I have used my skills for a far wider range of purposes than reflected here: I have spoken and written extensively on Chinese and Taiwanese domestic and foreign policy, for instance. On one assignment, I listened to several days’ worth of audio recordings to filter out information my client was looking for. And I have given countless seminars and trainings on cultural awareness and Chinese history, culture and politics for businesses and public institutions – my extensive teaching experience certainly has been beneficial for this. So do get in touch and let’s explore how we can work together.