Chinese food in Germany

If you often deal with people who have experience of China, or have even been to Asia yourself, then this problem will not be unknown to you: The food even in a not cheap Chinese restaurant in Germany may simply not taste the same as what you could get everywhere in Asia after all. In fact, it is not easy to find authentic Chinese food in Germany, perhaps precisely because migration from China to Germany, unlike in the UK for example, started relatively late.

In this very entertaining and entertaining TedTalk, Jennifer Lee takes a close look at “Chinese” food abroad, noting that different countries have their very own Chinese cuisine, always tailored to local tastes. In doing so, she also shows how the understanding of what Chinese eat reflects the historical development of the Chinese minority in the US.

From her own experience, however, this is also the case with European food in Asia. And besides, there is an increasing amount of good Chinese food everywhere in Germany, and even restaurants that specialise in one of China’s many regional cuisines. Feel free to contact me if you need restaurant recommendations!