Language and Cultural Training

for China, Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific

Raised and educated in London, Cologne, Taipei and Beijing, I have always been aware of cultural differences and devised strategies to mediate cultures at an early stage. My studies in the field of East and Southeast Asian Studies provided me with a solid theoretical understanding of the histories and cultures of the Asia Pacific. Fascinated by how individuals act as part of a larger community and make sense of their environment, I decided to study towards an MA in Social Anthropology with Vietnamese after my BA studies. The MA has equipped me with the tools I need to explain to outsiders how the Chinese, for instance, see themselves in against the backdrop of their own history and culture and in the context of other cultures they come into contact with. What is particularly important to me in my intercultural coaching is to dispel the widely held misconception of China or even Asia as a whole being one monolithic entity. Exploring this diversity while establishing the shared values that have shaped modern China and the Asia Pacific is at the heart of my work with my students at the University of Bonn, too.

I offer cultural training for both individuals and groups. I adapt the content of my presentations and classes entirely to your needs: Are you preparing for a longer assignment in China and need a comprehensive introduction to Chinese culture and history? Do you work with partners in China and would like to learn about Chinese social etiquette? Is your company looking to do business in the Asia Pacific and you would like to help your team understand how business is done in Asia?

I can tailor my content to suit any of these situations and more.

Languages only make sense in their cultural context. That is why for me cultural training is a crucial aspect of my language teaching, too.